Friday, January 28, 2011

Get AAXA MP200-01 M2 Micro Projector for $330.00 - XGA micro projector

AAXA MP200-01 M2 Micro Projector - $330.00
Final Price: $330.00
Shipping: FREE

AAXA MP200-01 M2 Micro Projector is the world's first XGA micro projector. It is Weighing just 1 pound yet producing a vivid 110 lumen image with Vibrant Color technology. It can produce 100" images. It offers a versatile media player, built-in storage, and an array of input options. The M2 produces high brightness and deep colors for a rich viewing experience. The M2 mini projector feature a new high-speed video and image processor that supports up to 1280x720 resolution resolution video at 30 frames per second and a wide array of image and music formats. It also offers 1GB of onboard memory, an SD card slot accepting up to 16GB SD-HC cards, and the USB support for reading USB storage devices.

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